The Green Economy and Environmental Intelligence (GREEN-i) Centre at Dataking Research Lab of Dataking Consulting is dedicated to pioneering sustainable development and environmental stewardship. The centre focuses on integrating green economy principles with advanced environmental intelligence to promote sustainable practices and mitigate climate change impacts.

GREEN-i Centre undertakes comprehensive research on renewable energy, resource efficiency, and environmental policy, providing actionable insights for governments, businesses, and communities. By leveraging state-of-the-art data analytics and innovative technologies, the centre aims to foster a transition towards a low-carbon economy and resilient ecosystems.

Key initiatives include the analysis of environmental trends, the development of green policies, and the promotion of sustainable business practices. The centre also emphasizes capacity building and education, empowering stakeholders with the knowledge and tools needed to implement effective environmental strategies.

The mission of GREEN-i is to create a balance between economic growth and environmental sustainability, ensuring that development meets the needs of the present without compromising futuregenerations. Through its research, advisory services, and collaborative projects, GREEN-i Centre is at the forefront of driving systemic change, advocating for policies and practices that safeguard the planet and promote a green economy.

Hubert Nii-Aponsah

Senior Fellow

Seth Kameta Omamohwo

Machine Learning and AI Lead

Cosmos Nabonadam

Climate Change and Migration Consultant

Stephen Bannah

Accounting and Sustainability Consultant

Zerubbabel Addy Selby

Climate Policy Intern

Kobby Azu

Senior Fellow

Crystal Bubune Letsa

Population Science Lead

Dr. Shafic Suleman

Senior Fellow