About Us

We are a youth-led social business that operates as a management and research consultancy business. Our team have expertise in accounting, finance, economics and public administration with a strong pool of experience in the industry, academia and public policy. We are guided by our corporate values which shape our long-term strategy and our daily operations with our clients. Dataking Research Lab is the research leg of the organization which has four units focusing on the environment, emerging technologies, economic policy and accountability. Thus, we are committed to global issues like the sustainable development goals (SDGs), climate change, post-COVID-19 economic resilience, as well as, peace and security.

Our Research Lab has the relevant multidisciplinary combination of skills to address all business challenges ranging from economic issues, financial issues, social issues, environmental issues, and health issues among others. Our flagship research projects continually provide insightful information for the business community, regulators, policymakers, practitioners, development experts, analysts and academics.


Vision Statement

To empower our clients with data-centric research and management advisory services.


Mission Statement

To provide management and transdisciplinary research services to businesses and institutions to increase their value and drive growth.


Shared Values

Client First, Professionalism, Integrity, Synergy, Sustainability