The Economic Analysis and Public Policy (e-APP) Centre at Dataking Research Lab of Dataking Consulting is a premier hub for rigorous economic research and policy analysis. The centre specializes in providing insightful evaluations and strategic recommendations to enhance economic growth and development. By leveraging cutting-edge methodologies and comprehensive data analysis, e-APP aims to address critical economic challenges and foster informed decision-making.

Key areas of focus include macroeconomic stability, fiscal policy, public sector efficiency, and sustainable development. The centre is committed to supporting both public and private sector stakeholders through evidence-based research and actionable policy solutions. Its team of experts collaborates with governments, international organizations, and academic institutions to drive impactful economic reforms.

e-APP’s mission is to contribute to the creation of resilient economies by identifying and promoting best practices in economic management and public policy. Through publications, workshops, and advisory services, the centre disseminates valuable knowledge and fosters dialogue on pressing economic issues. By bridging the gap between research and policy implementation, e-APP plays a vital role in shaping the economic landscape and ensuring sustainable progress for societies.

Hubert Nii-Aponsah

Senior Fellow

Stephen Bannah

Accounting and Sustainability Consultant

Zerubbabel Addy Selby

Climate Policy Intern


Public Affairs Consultant

Kobby Azu

Senior Fellow

Crystal Bubune Letsa

Population Science Lead

Grace Kathure Mugo

Senior Fellow

Dr. Shafic Suleman

Senior Fellow

Erzuah Nvidah

Senior Fellow

Senan Charlie Carine Bonou

Anglo-Franco Partnership Lead