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Machine Learning and AI Lead

Seth Kameta Omamohwo

Experience & Activities

Seth Kameta Omamohwo is a Machine Learning and AI Lead with the Dataking Research Lab based in Cardiff, UK. He holds a Master of Science in Advanced Computer Science with distinction from Cardiff Metropolitan University and a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering from the Federal University of Oye-Ekiti, Nigeria. As a Student Coach at Cardiff Metropolitan University, he enhances learning in programming, data analysis, and machine learning. Previously, at Aceplora Tech, he developed a data science curriculum and conducted malaria impact analysis using Python and Power BI. Seth’s projects include ResGenRegNet, a CNN model for early lung cancer detection, and a social media app for Delta State, Nigeria. He has presented his work at FICTA 2023 and submitted it for publication at the International Conference on Pattern Recognition. Seth’s technical skills include Python, JavaScript, Node.js, Django, MongoDB, Power BI, and Tableau, reflecting his diverse machine learning and AI expertise.