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Program Manager

Rhoda Ladjer Akuaku

Rhoda is Program Manager with the Mentorship support team.

Experience & Activities

Rhoda Ladjer Akuaku is currently a Fellow of the Aspire Institute, a programme founded at Harvard University. She is an education policy enthusiast and the program manager at the Dataking Research Lab of Dataking Consulting. Her interest is in the impact of education on critical international development issues like climate change, gender and social protection, sustainable development and youth development among others. She co-authored a policy paper titled, “Synergy or Silo? Climate Literacy and Financial Literacy in the Global South”. Rhoda has worked with educational institutions as an English Teacher and also provides editorial support for businesses. She is an SDG & Climate Education Advocate with the VIT Centre for TVET Policy and Education. Rhoda is the Secretary of the AuthorAID Ghana Hub and the Business and Economic Policy House. She interned as a consultant with Bright Network, a UK-based institution.